Think, scribble, visualize

Visual Thinking and Design Thinking are actually two rather different approaches.
Design Thinking is primarily about the benefits of the product, with the look taking a back seat. Visual Thinking is about conveying complex ideas by means of the right visuals. It is often not easy to decide which approach is the right one. Visual Design Thinking, on the other hand, brings together these two fundamentally different fields of business and design.

Every professional enterprise has to convey relevant information to customers and partners from time to time. But data and facts hidden in pages of text and tables discourage the people who have to read them, while creative approaches often concentrate too much on design, at the expense of the core message they are supposed to be getting across.

Our experts help you make the most important content perfectly clear, no matter what the project, and to use the power of Visual Design Thinking.

Visual Design Thinking: For the best of both worlds

  • We prepare and organize the relevant facts and visually link ideas
  • We do extensive research into the needs of the target group
  • We recognize the problem and the opportunity for your target group
  • We prepare informative graphics and visual storytelling
  • We create storyboards, journey mapping and visual roadmapping
  • We heighten user engagement through visual communication
  • We do scribble brainstorming for creative concepts

Unique user experience with icon and UI/UX design

The technology industry came up with the terms UI and UX design, thus blurring the lines between graphic design and user experience. It no longer suffices to focus solely on the design of websites, software or applications and entice with optical gimmicks. If you offer logical processes with your products and platforms, you will take your customer satisfaction (user experience) to the next level.

Usability = Accessibility

Nowadays, all companies of note structure the technical interface in a visually appealing and uncomplicated manner. Our team knows all the pitfalls and hazards that can arise when laying out and designing complex user interfaces. Our developers work together with design and creative departments from the word go, in order to make the most of the know-how and talent from both fields.

Our services:

  • Icon designs and icon sets
  • Layout and design of the interfaces (incl. presentation)
  • Visualization of the user journey
  • Design and realization of user interfaces (UI design)
  • System connection by means or technical interfaces / APIs

Art direction and visual concept design

A lot of our work is visual concept design. Most projects start with our client’s idea. Our Art Direction unit then sets about clearly defining the platform (mobile, web, video) and core message.

Pipedream Media offers you:

  • Art direction, from strategy to communication
  • Prototype design, prototype concept
  • 2D / 3D advertising videos
  • Cutscenes for video games
  • CGI sequences
  • 2D / 3D animated films
  • Market analysis and target-group definition
  • Digital media, from mobile to desktop
  • Clear team structures for smooth internal processes
  • …and any number of creative ideas

Visual storytelling and storyboards

Visual storyboards are the perfect tool for telling a story, describing a product or demonstrating a solution to a target group. But we don’t mean simply the traditional director’s storyboard used in the film and television industries; products and services also benefit from stories well told. Customers love the more emotionally appealing imagery and understand your message quickly.

Storyboards can be useful for the following fields:

  • Advertising
  • Social media
  • Content marketing
  • Film and TV
  • Product design
  • Company objectives and corporate identity
  • User journeys and presentations
TVC Storyboard

Fascinating stories in vivid visual images

In the age of online training and e-learning it is important to convey the desired content in episodes, so as not to overtax the users. Explanatory videos, advertising and website content need a detailed concept and structured storytelling with clearly defined key scenes. Pipedream Media delivers logical narratives that incorporate our experience with character design and 3D animation.

Pipedream Media offers the following services for storytelling and storyboards:

  • Storytelling marketing
  • Schematic storyboards comprising single 3D frames
  • Interactive storytelling
  • Concept visualization in e-learning and advertising
  • Animated 3D explanatory videos
  • Presentations with 2D/3D visuals