Gamification – playful motivation for more success in business and everyday life

We all know that phenomenon when the tasks required to master our working and private life are challenging and interesting but at the same time not easy to get done in time. Time flies, we have to be entirely focused and we are then proud of the result. Successful companies are aware of this and use gamification to motivate employees, build brands and for all kinds of creative processes.

The fascinating thing about gamification is how it blends together all the biggest benefits of the mobile revolution, big data, social media and wearable computing. mld digits uses the principles of gamification to good advantage in all kinds of mobile applications, giving the users true added value without that being obvious at first glance. In doing so we focus on the main objectives of your platform, software or app and ensure that the design, usability and user experience are in perfect balance with one another. For example, developing an app with us that motivates users to improve their health and fitness in a playful way, or a mobile application that helps users get a grip on their finances.

Regardless of your field of business, don’t frustrate, motivate! Set goals in achievable steps rather than unattainable dreams. The results will amaze you.

Added value and motivation through:

  • Transparency and real-time data
  • Teamwork and crowd
  • Psychologically clever concepts (target group dependent)
  • Progress (status display)
  • Leaderboards and bonuses
  • Challenges (quest, challenge)
  • Individually customized concepts (for each topic)
  • Competition
  • Discussion in the community
  • Good story and reasonable goals
  • Clearly structured flow of information (cascading information)

Here we make use of psychological principles and the natural playfulness of our users. You enable your target group to play its way to the desired result, regardless of whether it is to achieve fitness and good health, get rid of bad habits or ensure more productivity. That is gamification.

Memotion iOS Game


Memotion is the ingeniously tricky puzzle game that has a seemingly endless flow of challenges in store! In Memotion, the user can combine new and proven game modes. With the high-quality and appealing pictures on the cards you can put your own deck of cards together and make the game fun and exciting over and over again.

More than 500 free images are waiting for you to discover them! We give you the unique opportunity to choose a game mode by swiping the cards to the side or tapping on them!Available_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK

Mobile app and mobile web development

Thanks to wearables, smart watches and smart phones, there are today so many ways to combine apps and mobile websites. Just a few years ago it would have been impossible to register in a web community on a PC, download the app, synchronize all data and content and have them available on any device any time of the day or night. On top of that comes responsive design, which enables people to organize the elements to suit the size of their display, underscoring the quality of your product.

mld digits develops applications and mobile applications for the following systems

  • Smart watches
  • Wearables
  • Internet of things
  • Embedded systems
  • Smart Home
  • Smart Car
  • Smart Health
  • Smart Infrastructure
  • Industry 4.0
  • Mobile VR
  • Multiplatform/Single source development
  • Server development (business process integration, data integration)

In particular the app sector offers endless opportunities to provide customers and techies with new options and additional features for existing products. There is no better customer service or more lasting way of securing customer loyalty than being able to view account or contract data, app functions or the current score in the big game on a mobile device at any time.

The following industries are the main prospects here:

  • Media companies
  • Retailers
  • Healthcare
  • Consumer and home
  • Security
  • Infrastructure
  • Transport and logistics
  • Industry, automotive, aerospace
  • Construction
  • Tax and legal
  • And many more…

App games by mld digits

In the field of games, our experience with design and digital art, gaming, concept design and 2D/3D visualization can be exploited to its full potential.
We make sure that just the right amount of incentives and intriguing activity loops are inserted into the mix. Micro and macro loops ensure that the unique player journey keeps the fun level constantly high. Thanks to our ingenious rewards systems, your players will keep chasing ever new high scores and levels.

Micro and macro loops

Micro loops can for instance be bonus points gained by gathering game elements with the virtual character. Macro loops, on the other hand, motivate players by means of things like overviews and stations on the virtual map, or with bonus items served up at exactly the right strategic moment in the game.

Social media can make your app a viral hit

And mld digits is aware of the power of Social Media. The community can share interesting experiences in the group and talk about the app and obtained objectives. One piece of true added value is that, as developers, they know all the places where they can make adjustments that will help them enhance the app. So nothing more stands in the way of a fun experience and interaction with the online crowd.

The digital business transformation – time for a new beginning

Digitization is increasingly changing customer demands, business relationships and consumption goals, necessitating a flexible corporate culture and new approaches.

And while the internet of things, Industry 4.0, big data and cloud may sound needlessly complicated at first, all they really mean for your business is that your infrastructure and processes can in future be optimized with digitally integrated procedures that improve processes all along the value chain.

That is why top management, IT and staff members are all called upon to the same extent to adopt some of the following strategies.