A real sales driver – the product configurator

For example, for top sellers and premium offers that are available in various colors, sizes, versions and materials. In the luxury segment, it has become an absolute must to offer a good product configurator. The configurators and tools made by mld digits offer best performance on a Web-GL basis and dovetail perfectly with existing websites, applications or software – on all devices and in responsive design.

Advantages of using our configurators

  • Objects/Elements can be scaled and zoomed
  • The most important product components are highlighted
  • They give you a decisive advantage over your competitors
  • They are integrated into all existing business processes
  • They analyze customer interests
  • They raise the quality level of your brand

Adidas Shoe Configurator

Valtech asked mld digits to develop a whole new kind of realistic product configurator for Adidas shoes, based on the “Internet of Things”. The shoe configurator was part of a fair display. With it, the customer can hold up and move a real shoe. A sensor in the shoe transmits the rotation and position to the configurator, and the digital, interactive shoe can be configured by means of different actions such as shaking the shoe. In this case one could switch through different color variants. The project was a big success and was showcased at various presentations.

BMW i8 Configurator Demo

mld digits developed a demo configurator that displays our ability to create realistic configurators, with precisely designed digital surfaces and based on exact 3D data. Thanks to multiple selection boxes (color, material, etc.), the configurator gives users the ability to make any change themselves. It is an interactive experience that will in future have a positive influence on your customers’ purchase decisions.

Misa Configurator

We created a configurator for a trade fair presentation of the spigots made by the company Misa GmbH, which made it possible to choose between the faucet type and the materials used for the dispenser. Visitors to the booth could operate the configurator using an iPad app, and view the result of their choices on the integrated display.

Simulations with a high-end look

3D simulators are an excellent way to visualize dynamic content as realistically as possible, while at the same time presenting lessons learned from a new model. Our simulators are the ideal solution for you if you are planning a new production series but presenting it in advance with a real model would be too expensive. Your sales and distribution instances will profit from this, as well the end consumer.

mld digits also helps you design and visualize an initial 3D model, using, if available, parameters and data that you supply. This gives you an exact and realistic result.

We develop 3D simulations for

  • High-end visualization and 3D construction
  • Production plants and systems
  • Production processes
  • Logistics and distribution
  • Visualization of topographic data
  • Medicine and research
  • And much more…

THURAYA Satsleeve Simulator

The simulation for Thuraya shows in a straightforward and ingenious way how you can give your smart phone satellite capability in a matter of seconds. We visualized the many features and options together with Thuraya using motion graphic design, and were able to explain the process in simple terms with a detailed step-by-step description and suitable stylistic devices. The interactive simulation is easy to understand and thus a huge benefit for customers and the company alike.

mld digits creates avatars for countless new possibilities

Cyber avatars came about in the late 80s and early 90s and have been known to the general public at large since the hit movie “Avatar”. They are made using modern real-time software that can create 3D cartoon avatars, style icons for your brand or any other kind of living creature, which move naturally and correspond perfectly with their original in every way, from their facial expressions to their physical gestures.

The 3D mesh, i.e. the geometry on which our avatars are based, is developed in 3D software (3D Studio Max, Maya), and used to animate the avatars by means of movements generated in the program or real-time motion capture followed by the required reworking.

Our clients are using avatars with increasing frequency in e-commerce and online marketing, because they communicate directly with potential customers. Thanks to the familiar movements and language we give them, avatars arouse memories in us that quickly build up an emotional bond. Whether it be a virtual bank or insurance advisor or for product presentations; the avatar appeals to customers on an emotional level.

Avatars can be programmable, manually controllable or autonomous. These digital spokespeople of the online industry are versatile and always on call.

The range of uses for avatars includes

  • E-commerce and business transactions
  • Generating an emotional bond with a brand
  • Virtual reality characters
  • Advertising animations
  • 2D / 3D game characters
  • User interfaces (software, websites…)
  • Barrier-free content (e.g. sign language)
  • Coaching and simulations
  • Emotion simulators and communication software
  • Emulating eye, hand and body movements