Working digitally and creatively. From art to technology

Our digital productions are as varied as our team’s experience. It is important to us that we don’t just do game design and character creation; we aim to utilize every creative process in our productions, and keep getting better.

Concept art is the first source of hype

mld digits has set itself the goal of integrating digital and concept art into all phases of planning, from start to finish. The experience we have gained on projects for 3D games, animated films and advertising have shown us the true value of concept art. They are ideal for marketing the project even while still in the production phase.

Before you launch your film, video game or premium product onto the market, there is no better marketing tool for it than concept art. Fans get their appetites whetted with high-quality advance material, giving them an idea of the project’s visual style and making them crave for more.

Digital creation with character

One of the most exciting fields we work in is character design. Regardless of how fantastic the story is and what crazy twists its script offers, the message of a 3D advertising video, animated film or series stands and falls with the characters. With a strong instinct for the right target group and your company’s identity, we design any conceivable (anti)hero, from a fearless warrior to a doddery professor.

We put movement into the perfectly developed 3D models or rough-edged unorthodox characters. By collaborating closely with our team, you can keep a careful eye on the character development from the first sketch and illustration to the final 3D figure. Experience how your animated babies take their first steps. We have a box of tricks that will blow your mind. But don’t just take our word for it, come and find out for yourself!

Game art and game assets

You need not only a talent for concepts and a good eye to create great game designs and unique game assets, you also need years of experience and a passion that still burns.
If you already have a concept and are looking for a reliable game design studio to create or add to your game, mld digits is what you need. We develop fascinating 2D and 3D games in transparent steps, including level design and assets.

The game assets are an ideal design basis and make it easy to further develop the game at any time. And what is more, game assets are often also the starting point for marketing material, real-time models and not least of all motion graphics or animated films.

Our personal background as keen gamers and our many years of production experience make the mld digits team a high-performance partner for you.

mld digits develops, for example:

  • Backgrounds
  • Game characters
  • Bonus items
  • In-game assets
  • Set-Design
  • 3D Models
  • Character Animation
  • Texture and materials
  • Particle systems
  • 3D buildings and rooms
  • Icons and UI