3D product visualization and Modeling

The 3D department at mld digits offers innovative product design and visually appealing 360° views. A seemingly endless range of materials, surfaces and animation styles offer numerous options for presenting your products. And of course, once created, the 3D models can easily be further developed for other applications.

And the results are a visual treat: for presentations, videos, 3D animations, real-time applications, virtual reality projects, advertising, print, brand building and all kinds of marketing concepts.

THURAYA Telecom XT-Pro

Find out how we work with the Thuraya Telecom XT-Pro storyboard

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Thuraya Sat-Sleeve

Thuraya XT

Thuraya SatSleeve Adaptor

THURAYA Telecom Instructional Videos

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THURAYA Signal Optimisation

Attractive photorealistic 3D models

Photorealistic digital 3D models are part of what we do every day, and demand for them remains high. Using realistic characters in product presentations, architecture and planning projects breathes life into otherwise inert scenes. They help the viewer get an authentic feel for the actual dimensions and ambiance in stills, presentations and animations.
The closer the visualization is to reality, the easier it is for customers and decision-makers to gain an affinity to the product or process, appreciably facilitating the purchase decision and collaboration.

Character animation and motion graphics

Our experience shows that people often underestimate the know-how required to make character and 3D animations. The 3D character is first given a skeleton that has to be able to react to the various commands (the rig). It is then equipped with controllers that the animators use to move and control individual elements of the figure. A lot of skill and a great deal of experience and background know-how are required to animate realistic movements for objects and characters.
We have created countless studies and character designs, but only our daily practice enables us to master new tools, test the boundaries of what is possible and keep achieving the best possible results.
That is why we are particular proud to be able to offer you character creation from A to Z:

  • Concept design, technical realization, animation
  • Export to the desired format and medium
  • Realistic pose and mimicry of the 3D character
  • Reliable project planning and scheduling
  • Appropriate outfits and styles
  • Various levels of detail for the characters (cartoon, angular, abstract, blurred, realistic or surreal)
  • (Almost) anything is possible…